PhD External Examiner for Rafaa Ismael Yahya

One of the academician task is examining PhD work. Either our own students, or your university students (internal examiner) or others universiti (external examiner).

On the 20th, I was in Universiti Technology Malaysia, Skudai Johor, examining Prof. Dr. Siti Maryam's PhD student. Her work is very good, an interesting work. She submitted her thesis with the title, "Tissue-Like P System for Region-Based and edge-Based Segmentation". Of course, as examiner committee, we advice to change the title. But her work really interest me. She proposed a generic segmentation, which can be implemented in any images. And of course, there are here and there corrections. Marvelous really marvelous.

Congratulation to Mrs Rafaa and Prof. Dr. Siti Maryam. A very good job.

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