As keynote speaker in ICIDM 2014, 2-4 December 2014, Pearl Habour, KK

Nice evening view 

View outside the hotel

Discussion with UMS postgraduate students


3D printer

3D photocopier

3D printer

Try to print our friend face

Our own heart model and artery tree

If you interested to pursue your study in 3D games link to an embedded system, please contact Dr Puteri Suhaiza (psuhaiza@upm.edu.my).

If you have interest to pursue your study in 3D photocopier, please do contact A.P. Dr Rahmita (rahmita@upm.edu.my)


CGV2 Quadcopter

Initialize the GPS and system

The view captured by the Quadcopter

This is for Computer Graphics and Computer Vision project. Who ever interested doing research using quadcopter in Computer Vision/Computer Graphics, please do contact: 

A.P. Dr. Rahmita Wirza (Depth approximation from 2D images/videos)
Dr. Hizmawati Madzin (Analytical images within uncontrollable environment) 


3rd SKM5301 Assignment

A comparative study of the sense of presence and anxiety in an invisible marker versus a marker augmented reality system for the treatment of phobia towards Lizards


Female reaction from lizard's Phobia 

 Male reaction from lizard's Phobia 


Teaching Assessment

Dear SKM5301 and SKM3200 students, please fill in teaching assessment for your course.