SKM 5301 Assignment Presentation

Magic Box Assignment

Assignment SKM3200

For SKM3200 students,
    please resubmit your snake and ladder assignment using your own coding, comments and variables.


Gentle Reminder to students of SKM3200

Submit before/on 19th May 2015:

1. Your proposal according your chosen title which covers

  • Introduction

  • Literature Review (include available application in the market)

  • Problem Statement, Objective, Target User

  • Development Methodology

  • Pilot Study

  • Time Schedule (my suggestion project should be not more than 6 months)

  • Proposed Budget

  • Target Revenue with justification

2. Pilot Program with the codes, manual instruction and exe code

3. Written Elevator pitch with NABC approach (N-Needs, A-Approach, B-Benefit and C-

4. Draft design of 2 posters


The 3rd Workshop on Computer Assisted Surgery and Diagnostic (WoCASD) 2015 - 17 Feb 2015

The 3rd Workshop on Computer Assisted Surgery and Diagnostic (WoCASD) 2015 
17 Feb 2015
University Ataturk, Erzurum, Turkey

Meeting with VC of Ataturk University. He is a famous Cardiac surgeon in Turkey. 

The presentation session.
Research University Hospital Tour

Computer and Application Centre tour

A very sweet memory in Ataturk University, Erzurum, Turkey



As keynote speaker in ICIDM 2014, 2-4 December 2014, Pearl Habour, KK

Nice evening view 

View outside the hotel

Discussion with UMS postgraduate students


3D printer

3D photocopier

3D printer

Try to print our friend face

Our own heart model and artery tree

If you interested to pursue your study in 3D games link to an embedded system, please contact Dr Puteri Suhaiza (psuhaiza@upm.edu.my).

If you have interest to pursue your study in 3D photocopier, please do contact A.P. Dr Rahmita (rahmita@upm.edu.my)