CGV2 team

Dr Ng Seng Beng, Dr Puteri Suhaiza Sulaiman, Prof. Dr. Rahmita Wirza O.K. Rahmat, A.P. Dr. Fatimah Khalid and Dr Hizmawati Madzin
Dr Ng Seng Beng. Research Interest : Computer Graphics and Geometrical Reverse Engineering
Dr Hizmawati Madzin. Research Interest : Medical Imaging and Infrared Image Analysis
Dr Puteri Suhaiza Sulaiaman. Research Interest : Virtual Reality, Hologram and Medical Imaging
A.P. Dr. Fatimah Khalid. Research Interest : Facial Recognition and  Image Analysis
Prof Dr. Rahmita Wirza O.K. Rahmat. Research Interest : Computer Assisted Surgery, Geometrical Reverse Engineering and Augmented Reality

We start with research, that blooms into teaching materials, which comes to fruition through publication, and finally maturing into consultation and commercialization


Putra InnoCreative Teaching and Learning - PICTL2018

On the 2nd August 2018, CGV2 team members participated in PICTL 2018. We worn 2 Gold Medal and 2 Silver Medal. Congratulation to us.

PicTL 2018 

Can be seen here,  Dr Hizmawati Madzin is waiting for the judges. 
Dr Puteri Suhaiza waiting with eagerness for the judges to come.
Both Dr Hizmawati and Dr Puteri Suhaiza won Gold Medal for their invention. Dr Hizmawati with the title, "Learning Plant via Augmented Reality Board Game" and Dr Puteri with the title, "HoloVoice : Voice Interaction Hologram Application". Congratulation to Dr Hizmawati and Dr Puteri Suhaiza.
Prof Dr Rahmita Wirza with 2 poster of her inventions
Prof Dr. Rahmita Wirza won Silver Medal for both of her invention. These are (i) Training Physical Activity Using Mobile Augmented Reality Exergaming Application, and (ii) Doctors to Patients Notes Congratulation for all of us. Research for these inventions are still going on, please join us to expand these product. If you are interested please do contact us at Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia, UPM. 




Pitching session for Nyawa 2018

Pitching session for  NYAWA '18 : EARTH TO SKY  :

Date : 20 April 2018 (Friday)
Time : 3.00 pm
Location : Meeting room,Putra Science Park (UPM-MTDC)

Our first attempt as CGV2 team and as principle submission. 


Weekly Group Progress Meeting

Once a week, we will meet and postgraduate students will present his/her progress.


Aqua Safe

A project which start as an assignment for AR application (SKM4313) continue to a better full application. This application is the first version. Please download and try by scanning the maker. The interface and the application flow still need enhancement. We appreciate your comments once you have try this mobile application,
Marker for this AR mobile app
Download the app from Google Play
Video for the upgrade version. Azid and Sufi with A.P. Dr. Tengku.