Suhaili supervisory committee Progress Presentation

For this first time A.P. Dr Sazli Shahlan (The Cardiologist from PPUITM) came to the faculty, most of the time we visited him in PPUITM/MCUITM Sungai Buloh. Thank you to Suhaili's committee supervisory for all the comments. Thank you Dr Sazli, we do understand your tight schedule. 



This is what stated in Norah Md Noor (2012); Andragogy is an instructional approach based on self-directed learning theory while Pedagogy is a traditional instructional approach based on teacher-directed learning theory (Knowles, 1980). The pedagogical model and andragogical model differ in six assumptions about learners which are the learner’s need to know, self-concept, experience, readiness to learn, orientation to learning, and motivation (Knowles et al. 1998). From this understanding, the project experimenting with Cybergogy, where this approach let people learn by facilitating and technologically enabling learner-centered autonomous and collaborative learning in a virtual environment. However, instead of learning in virtual environment, this project proceeded with Augmented Reality approach.

To understand the effect of implementing AR in undergraduate students and awareness of young teenagers towards their health, this project initially create an AR applications for medical undergraduate students and an AR board game. The AR application for medical students designed and developed by a final year project student with guidance from the medical lecturers, and the AR board game is designed and created by intern students with the help from medical practitioner. We exhibited these two product in K-novasi 2018. 

For those who want to explore of using Augmented Reality (AR) as a tools in their teaching approach please do initially read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augmented_reality, and further study Unity for mobile AR  latest version (https://unity3d.com/solutions/mobile-ar)


SKM 4313 Sem 1 Sessi 2017-2018

(Augmented Reality Application)

SKM4313 - 3(1+2)

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. menghubungkait teknik realiti imbuhan bagi interaksi paparan model dan penanda. (C4)
  2. membina aplikasi realiti imbuhan dengan pelbagai alternatif teknik realiti imbuhan. (P4)
  3. membentangkan laporan teknik yang bersesuaian mengikut keperluan pembangunan realiti imbuhan dengan jelas. (CS)


Kursus ini merangkumi konsep asas dalam realiti imbuhan. Ia meliputi pengetahuan asas berkaitan realiti imbuhan daripada aspek perkakasan dan perisian. Ini termasuk paparan interaksi realiti imbuhan, teknik untuk memproses dan menayang gambar berterusan dalam realiti imbuhan serta penjelmaan imej 2 dan 3 dimensi dalam suasana realiti imbuhan. Aplikasi realiti maya dibangunkan secara pengaturcaraan bersaling tindak dan pengaturcaran arahan secara praktikal.

(This course covers the basic concept in augmented reality. It covers basic knowledge related to augmented reality from the hardware and software aspects. It includes augmented reality interactivity display, techniques for processing and displaying continuous picture in augmented reality together with 2D and 3D image transformations in augmented reality environment. The development of augmented reality application is practically developed using interactive programming and command language.)
Each student has to deliver an AR mobile applications as required by their collaborators. They have to make sure their product can be used with any size of android tablet or android smartphone and can be downloaded from CASD server. 

Sport Health project with A.P. Dr Tengku Fadilah Tengku Kamalden. 1st meeting to discuss the design of their project.

Pre-school project with Ms Nurul Afira Indera Luthfi. 1st meeting to discuss the syllabus given by teacher Afira

Medical Anatomy project with Dr Rafidah. 1st meeting to discuss story board given earlier.
IJN project with Dato' Dr Suhaini Kadiman. 1st meeting to discuss further on how to AR the pamphlet from IJN for patients and parents. 



Good luck with your new job

Good luck with your new job Adli, You have work with me since your final year project. You created a basic platform for TRGS research grant project as a preliminary product. Later you continue as CASD intern. Thank you for your interest and commitment, not just for your final year project but also for Dewan Bahasa collaboration work and Exergame AR project. Good luck with your new job. If you change your mind and thinking to further your study, the doors are always open for you.

4th IJN Research Day

Congratulation Suhaili and Naziffa and thank you for participating this event. Hopefully collaboration between IJN and FSKTM will again bloom and create excellent research products.