SKM 5301 Final Exam

To all SKM5301 students, please check this new date for SKM5301 exam.

If you need to consult me, please email me at ar dot wirza at gmail.com
sms my hp.


SKM5301 week 5 class

Class will be on Saturday, 22nd March 2014, 9 am, in Seminar Room C

Looking forward for your Magic Box presentation.


SKM3200 1st Test

  1. 3 questions which include coding, 3D model and polygon. 
  2. Next week 25th March, Tuesday, 10-11.30 am. 
  3. Covers chapter 1-3. 


SKM5301 postpone to 15th March 2014

Dear SKM5301's students,
   please be informed that tonight class will be postponed to Saturday 15th March 2014, 10 am. Please be informed. Thanks.

Class will be in Seminar room A



Welcome my SKM5301 students. Wish you can grab the knowledge transfer in this class and at the same time enjoying yourself.